Wildlife around Tirindrish House

Scotland is blessed with a superb concentration of unique, rare and indigenous wildlife that in many cases can only be found here in the Highlands.

Red DeerOne of Scotland’s favourite wildlife spots is the majestic Red Deer. This herbivore is found in abundance in and around the Spean Bridge area and Red Deer, along with Roe and Muntjac are
regular visitors to our gardens. Deer tend to spend the summers at high altitude to avoid the biting insects so winter is the best time to see deer in Scotland, when the animals venture down off the hills to forage for food. October is peak time for witnessing the deer rut. The males are fighting for supremacy as to control the largest harems and this is when you can hear the rutting of the males across the glens. Don’t get too close, the males can be aggressive at this time.

Another wildlife highlight are the Eagles. We have two species here in Scotland – the famous Golden Eagle and the much larger but less numerous Sea Eagle or White Tailed Eagle. Golden Eagles tend to frequent the high mountains and crags and are notoriously tough to spot but there is a decent concentration in the area and we have even spotted a Golden Eagle from the house in recent months. 6027292102_5fcac1e20e_oHot spots are Glen Nevis, Loch Sheil near Glenfinnan, Creag Meagaidh National Reserve, Glen Garry and Glen Affric. Although rarer, the Sea Eagle is probably easier to spot, mainly due to its huge size and its fondness of the coastal and loch regions where there is usually a road for access. This huge bird that can have a wingspan of up to 8ft and is often called the ‘flying barn door’. Sea Eagles are often spotted in the Lochaber area and an enjoyable day’s drive could unearth one of these fantastic birds. Port Appin, Loch Arkaig, the Ardnamurchan Peninsula and Mull are good places to start. Speak to James or Lucy for tips on where to spot these majestic birds.

Other mammals includes Pine Martins and Red Squirrel which have both been seen in the gardens at Tirindrish & the elusive and highly endangered Scottish Wild Cat. Although very tough to spot due to their nocturnal nature and shyness, Spean Bridge is known as a bit of a stronghold for this, the largest predatory mammal in the UK. Other bird species seen locally include Osprey, Red Kite, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, Peregrine Falcon, Short-eared owl and Cuckoo…a little farther afield you have the chance of seeing Hen harrier, Capercaille, Ptarmigan, Black Grouse, Puffin and Black Throated Divers.

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